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The German Boy
"A sophisticated and subtly woven story of two families: betrayal and survival, thwarted passion and unswerving devotion. Wastvedt has created characters you feel you know. The period detail is so meticulously accumulated and lyrically described that you can smell the brandy and vanilla-infused coffee in pre-war Germany and feel the smooth butt of the rifle the traumatised German boy has brought to England."
Daily Mail

“A heart-rending story of epic proportions thrilling and utterly captivating. I am haunted by it still”
Suzannah Dunn,  Author of The Confessions of Katherine Howard
Creative writing courses Bath
The River  (Long-listed for the Orange Prize).

'Moving and impressive, strongly atmospheric. A remarkable achievement.' -- Penelope Lively

'Intense and lyrical... Form and content merge beautifully in this tale of many voices.' -- The Guardian

'All the more poignant for being set amid beautiful countryside, and full of brooding sadness right up to the unexpected horror of the ending.' -- The Times

'Impressively understated... Wastvedt reveals an acute sensitivity to the desolation that comes where the possibility of happiness has been muted. Her descriptions of place are particularly persuasive, though her lyrical portrait of the village is never allowed to blunt the precision of her imagery... That this deftly written novel succeeds so thoroughly is because of Patricia Wastvedt's subtle treatment of her subject, and her understanding that grief may be both a destructive force, and an experience that can bind people together as tightly as love.'  Times Literary Supplement
The River by Tricia Wastvedt The German Boy by Tricia Wastvedt