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Creative writing courses bath

Creative writing courses Bath

“Tricia brought a kind of gentle wisdom to the way she helped me shape my writing, dealing both with the detail of grammar and sentence construction and on more holistic level helped me organize and define plot, themes and character arcs. Her vision and kindness were equally important in driving my creativity.  She gave my work her meticulous attention but so lightly that it felt entirely enabling.

I was taken on by an agent and that led to a publishing contract and a two book deal with Penguin.  Along the way I felt I could ask her for advice not only about the book but wider issues of obtaining an agent and publisher.”

Jane Shemilt, author of the best-selling  “Daughter”  (Penguin, 2014).

“Tricia mentored me through the final summer of my MA in Creative Writing. She was such a sensitive, sure-footed adviser; her ability to get under the skin of the manuscript's problems was uncanny, and her advice was always more than the sum of its parts. It was a pleasure to work with her.”

Beatrice Hitchman     “Petit Morte”, Serpent's Tail, (2013).   Dramatised for Radio 4, Woman's Hour

“Tricia always exercised her instincts for what worked and what didn’t with tact and precision. Her belief in the solid worth of fiction is unquenchable. On the days when I was most pessimistic about my novel, Tricia always managed to say something to convince me that the sixteenth re-write of the opening, or the twenty-ninth re-appraisal of my characters’ rivalry, or the forty-fifth attempt to iron out the illogical glitches in my timeline was worth the candle. Indeed, with her encouragement, I learned just how rewarding revisions could be, especially as a means of entering more deeply into my characters’ minds and hearts. She’s not a flatterer and she doesn’t gush. She brings plenty of cool-headed realism to bear upon the quirks of agents and publisher. I have learned a vast amount for her and hugely enjoyed myself on the way. “

Victoria Owens    “Drawn to Perfection”, Hookline Books, (2013).

"Tricia is a supremely accomplished novelist, a master of prose with an artist’s eye for detail. Her passion and enthusiasm for her craft shines through in her teaching, and the feedback that she gives to students is not only perceptive and constructive, but is also sensitive to the individual’s needs and what he is looking to achieve in his writing. To anyone just starting out on their own writer’s journey, she is an inspiration, giving advice, sharing in her understanding of the techniques of fiction-writing, and providing that much-appreciated dose of encouragement that all novelists, no matter how experienced, need from time to time."

James Aitcheson    “Sworn Sword” (2012), “The Splintered Kingdom” (2013), published by Arrow

"I love working with Tricia. A talented writer herself, she is also a gifted mentor - perceptive, nurturing and incredibly clever. Writing Pomegranate Sky was a wonderful but sometimes challenging journey; I can't thank Tricia enough for all her support."

Louise Soraya Black “Pomegranate Sky”, Aurora Metro Press (2010). Winner of The Virginia Prize 2009

Tricia Wastvedt
Writer   Editor   Tutor

Creative writing coach in bath

Creative writing courses Bath

Creative writing courses and workshops aren’t for everyone. They can be wonderfully supportive and a nice break from the solitude of a writing life, but there’s also an expectation to share your work with a group, and to give time and attention to issues that might be of little interest or relevance to you.

I have been coaching fiction writers for almost ten years; for The Writers’ Workshop Literary Agency, as part of the Bath Spa University Masters programme, and also freelance. I work with published and unpublished novelists, writers who simply want encouragement and one-to-one guidance, and beginners looking for an alternative to a creative writing workshop.

How I work

Writers work very differently, so the amount of time needed from me and the way in which we work together varies enormously. If you’re interested in coaching, but would like more information about what might suit you best, please get in touch.  

On working with Tricia…